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Successful Case

  • Egypt Egg Tray Machine Customer

    Egypt customers came to our company to visit new egg tray machine whose capacity is 5000 pieces per hour, the latest multi layer drying technology, and ultimately customer-selected ZJ5000-8 multi layer steel drying egg tray machine.

  • India Customer Eygpt Egg Tray Machine Customer

    Indian customers came to visit our factory many times. They showed great interest in our patented approved civil drying system. Finally, they chose the ZG4000-8 egg tray machine production line with civil drying way.

  • South Africa

    South Africa overseas Chinese wanted the egg tray machine whose capacity 8000-10000 pieces per hour, and also produces a variety of molded pulp products. Eventually to as the customer demand, they ordered a Z8000 double roll egg tray machine.

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