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Yang Tai Chi DVD (3 discs)

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DVD Feature:

  • Yang Tai Chi DVD package includes 3 Discs. It gives a thorough illustration of the characteristics and practicing methods of The Yang Style Tai Chi, including the demonstration and illustration of the traditional 103-Form and the simplified 49-Form.

  • The detailed demonstration and illustration of each movement, icluding the hand techniques and body shape during the course of practice, are shown in the DVD, which makes even the beginners who have never heard of Tai Chi Chuan can learn it well in a very short time. Furthermore the product is also a set of good teaching materials for those Tai CHi Chuan learner to improve their practicing level.
  • The set of DVD is appropriate for Tai Chi beginners and those who want to improve their Tai Chi level.

  • Total Length: 337 minutes.

  • This set of DVD is devided into 4 parts:
    Part I:
    The characteristics and the correct way of practicing of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan are introduced in detail in this part.The beginners will have a better understanding of the unique styles of Tai Chi Chuan, so as to lay a
    solid foundation for the practice of the rountine.
    part II:
    In this part, you will learn the right methods of practicing each movement and the key points which should be noticed in your practice. The demonstration of the Tai Chi Chuan Matser himself will make you learn the royal Tai Chi Chuan movements.
    part III:Demonstration of 103 Form Routine.
    part IV:Demonstration of 49 Form Routine.

  • Media: DVD (NTSC)

  • Language: English & Chinese (two languages)
  • Explained by Yang Zhenduo, the 4 th -generation exponent of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

Note: you may open it with DVD playing software on computer or with DVD Player at home.


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