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Simplified Sun Tai Chi

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Video CD Package Feature:
  • The product consists of one Video CD and its corresponding teaching materials.
  • The content of the Video CD is the demonstration and disintegrated movements of Simplified Sun style Tai Chi Chuan. In the book, each form is illustrated in detail, including its characteristics, technical key points and other aspects to be paid attention to, etc.
  • The Simplified Sun Tai Chi version includ 73 Forms.
  • The Video CD is appropriate for Tai Chi Chuan beginners.
The Structure Of Simplified Sun Tai Chi:
  • Rationality
    In order to meet the competition requirements, the arrangement of the movements and the structure of the routine have been improved with the additional movements like "Tui Bu Shan Zhang"(back step and wave palms). The whole routine can be divided into 6 segments:
    Segment 1 stresses on the movements such as "Lan Zha Yi"(tuck in robes), "Lou Xi Ao Bu"(brush knee and twist step), "Jin Bu Ban Lan Chui"(advance, parry and punch) and "Kai He Shou"(opening and closing hands) to practice the basic techniques of hands and the advancing.
    Segment 2 focuses on "Yun Shou"'(wave hands like clouds) and "Dao Juan Gong"(step back and whirl arms) which require high demands in "Fen Jiao"(toes kick) .
    Segment 3 includes "Fan Shen Er Qi Jiao"(turn over body and double jump kick) and "Pi Shen Fu Hu"(turn body and straddle the tiger) with the correspondence of the "advance, parry and punch" .
    Segment 4 focuses on "Ye Ma Fen Zong"(parting the wild horse mane) and "Huo Bu Lan Zha Yi"(active tuck in robes) which reflect the various changer in the movements.
    Segment 5 focuses on "Jin Ji Du Li"(golden rooster stands on one leg) and "deflect through the back" to show one's ability of balance and the steadiness on a single leg.
    Segment 6 emphasizes "Yu Nu Chuan Suo"(jade girl working with shuttles), "Xia Shi"(push down) and "Zhuan Shen Bai Lian"(turn body and lotus kick) which reflect the variety of changes in the movements and reach the climax of the routine.
About The Characteristics In The Technique Of Simplified Sun Tai Chi
  • The posture are high and the footwork is agile; the body is centered and upright; the rhythm is natural and lively, agile and light; the movements are filled with the internal strength with the hardness embedded in softness; the speed is smooth and tender, like the floating clouds and the flowing water. When practicing, pay attention to the coordination of the advancing and retreating of the footwork and use the movement of opening and closing the hands to connect each turning.

About Tai Chi Chuan Information, Please refer:
What is Tai Chi Chuan and its genre origin?

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Language: English & Chinese

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