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Why should you buy our shoes?

  • Our shoes are hand - sewn by countrywoman according to tradtitional techniques. It has many characteristics such as soft and flexible, breathe freely, sweat absorbing, distortion - free and stylish. It is not only disease - proof, but also health protective.
  • They stick white cloth tier by tier with paste made by fine flour, this is called "gebei" in china. they use high-quality flaxen thresd to sew sole and make 80 -100-- stitches per1.5 square inch in reqular arrangement. then they dip sole in hot water of 80 - 100 Celsiur scale , and choke it up in cotton quilt. the final procedure are hammering adjusting and drying. this kind of soles will not lose shape or distort. they are highly praised for sweat absorbing, soft and comfortable.
  • the shoes adopts pure natural materials without chemical components, so consumers call their shoes "green" products.
  • Pure handcraft. (48 procedures all are done by hands)
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Designed and manufactured according to the requirements of sport practicing.
  • It is soft in materials and light in weight.
  • All woman shoes art handcraft embroidery.
  • It is not noly health protection, but also art of shoes.

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