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Our website dedicates to make correct conduction and proposals in learning Tai Chi via the study of book, video CD, DVD. In this way, the learners could master the Tai Chi better and quickly and put it into action. Taking more training will not only build your body shape, but also enhance your physical immunity by strengthen your cardiac and lung function.

For fans learning better, we offer ONE TO ONE exercise guidance through our Master.

It is Cheap, only US$25.00 per year. Order right now! or back

We have a professional CRM (Client Relationship Management) system, which enables us to offer special one-to-one service to our clients. We have some professional Tai Chi masters to do the job of client service. After you ordering ONE TO ONE service, you have met some problems in learning Tai Chi taught , please don't hesitate to contact our Coach right now. Of course, if you have purchased our Tai Chi products with ONE TO ONE service package, we will appoint one of our Tai Chi masters to be your one-to-one coach and he or she will be very happy to help you solving those problems arising in your training.

You can mail to our master for consultation of Tai Chi Chuan.

Here is a list of masters:

Master Li
majoring in Taichi, 15 years in the field.

Master Miao
majoring in Taichi and sword, 11 years in the field.

Master Zhang
majoring in Taichi, 10 years in the field.

Master Wang
majoring in Taichi and cudgel, 8 years in the field.

Master Su
majoring in Taichi, 6 years in the field.

Here is the Email of our Master Team .

Our masters will be happy to communicate with you.

If you have any other questions, please refer to the related departments

Want to buy our products or to know more about details before buying them? Send an E-mail to us right now.

If you encounter any problems in using of our products, you may email us.

Any comments about our program are welcome. We will make it better with your help.

If you have any problem or failed to contact us with the above E-mails, try this one.

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