How to Master the Competition Routine of Tai Chi Chuan?

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I. Learn the basics and practice regularly

The basic practice includes the practice of the basic mentality and the movement etc. which are the foundation required to master the competition routine of Tai Chi Chuan, otherwise t will be really difficult to reach a high level. It is necessary to acquire the flexibility, balance and learn the basic movements through the strict, intensive and diligent training. Even after reaching a competent level, you should still need to keep on practicing the basics which can be the best guarantee to your success. For instance, the motionless and moving stances of different form of Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Sword provided by this book are the best basic exercises which you need to practice regularly.

II. Focus on the key points and have balanced training on both the mind and the movements.

All the competition routines of Tai Chi Chuan have strict technical requirements and this series provides a clear illustration of the important techniques of all the competition routines of different Tai Chi Chuan form. Mastering these important techniques will bring you a speedy and steady improvement in your skills. Apart from reading, it is also crucial to follow the demonstrations in the Video CD which comes together with the books in order to understand the important aspects and features of Tai Chi Chuan. It is also a good way to prevent you from performing the movements without any internal force or meanings.

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How to learn the Competition Routines of Tai Chi Chuan?

How to Master the Competition Routine of Tai Chi Chuan?

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