How to learn the Competition Routines of Tai Chi Chuan?

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I. Be confident with definite goats

To have a strong confidence and a focused goal are the most important factors when learning the competition routine of Tai Chi Chuan. For those who learn to keep fit, they must have the faith that learning and practicing Tai Chi Chuan will bring them the benefits. For those who learn for participating in the competitions, they'll have to have the strong will to win. They shouldn't be afraid of the tough training and the unavoidable setbacks, and should try to strive for every possible chance for the improvement.

II. Be well read and well informed

With the development of information technology, the learners could further enhance their knowledge and perfect their skills through reading books, listening to recorders and even using the multimedia resources, such as Video CDs. Sometimes, to the extent, that you can master the competition routines even without a coach in person. Quite a number of people are known to have learned and practiced Tai Chi Chuan by using the multimedia teaching materials and some even won places in competitions besides keeping fit. But of course, if given a chance, it is always more beneficial to learn personally from masters.

III. Learn and practice systematically to perfect your skills

In the early stage of learning and practicing Tai Chi Chuan, you should always try to improve your skills systematically. It is not wise to learn too much or hasten the learning pace, instead try to perfect your skills of every single movement by practicing again and again until you fully master it incase you form bad habits which will affect both your improvement of skills and scores in competitions. If you are learning Tai Chi Chuan on your own (as opposed to learning from a master in person), the best way is to combine the “motion” and “motionless” aspects of Tai Chi Chuan. This so called motionless means to follow the Video CDs and practice accordingly. This so called motionless means to read the key points intensively, and pay special attention to the photographs of each movement.

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How to learn the Competition Routines of Tai Chi Chuan?

How to Master the Competition Routine of Tai Chi Chuan?

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