How to memorize Tai Chi Chuan movements quickly?

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Compared with other kung fu styles, the practicing time of Tai Chi Chuan a bit longer and its routine movements number is of some bigger. For example, the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, one of the traditional schools, has 85 movements and 97 movements in The Sun Style, what's more, some styles even have more than 100 movements. This brings some difficulty for practitioners to memorize them in the process of exercising. Some certain ways must be found in order to memorize them quickly.

The way of memorizing in the process of practice, In the course of exercising, the practitioner should read out the name of each movement while practicing it. I this way, it will be easy to remember not only the name of the movements but also the movement contents because the body movements undergo at the same time with the recitation. If this is still difficult for you, you may listen to the tape with each name indication and memorize the name of the movement while practicing it.

The way of instant gestures. The so called way of instant gestures means to demonstrate each movement in a quick way. In this way you should not focus if the skills and movements are standard or not, what you should do is to outline the whole routine quickly for about 2 or 3 times and this will be helpful for the memorization of the name of the Tai Chi Chuan movements.

The way of visualized silent reading. In this way, you may close your eyes in a quiet circumstance and review each movement of the whole Tai Chi Chuan routine in your mind, just as enjoying a movie picture by picture. While doing so, read silently each name, this will be good for memorizing consolidation.

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