Which form of Tai Chi Chuan routine to begin with?

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There are quite a lot of Tai Chi Chuan forms in China ever since it came ito being from early century. Each form has its own complicated routines, some are long and some are short with different movements. Due to different conditions, situations and interests of each individuals, it is difficult to decide which Tai Chi Chuan form to begin with

Generally speaking, the basic contents in Tai Chi exercising include basic skills, basic movements and basic routines. Which to start with, basic foundations or basic routines? It should be up to one's own decision because everyone has his own personal situations and interests as well as different circumstance and study atmosphere. But whatsoever, the best way to learn is to begin with basic skills alternating with basic routines. Supported and promoted by each other, it will be better to master and improve the techniques of Tai Chi Chuan quickly.

It is commonly accepted that beginners should start with a simplified Tai Chi Chuan form which features fewer routine contents and simple movements. Traditional school of Tai Chi Chuan is always difficult to master or even if you have learned the routines you still know little about its characteristics and technical style. The 42 Form Tai Chi Chuan, which has been lasted for more then decades, is just the one specially designed and arranged for beginners. It takes about 5-6 minutes to practice and it is very appropriate for beginner to learn. If accompanied with music, you will feel relaxed and happy while practicing.

With the speeding of life tempo, the more easier way of exercising is more likely to become popular.

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