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Simplified Yang Tai Chi

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Video CD Package Feature:
  • The product consists of one Video CD and its corresponding teaching materials.
  • The content of the Video CD is the demonstration and disintegrated movements of Simplified Yang style Tai Chi. In the book, each form is illustrated in detail, including its characteristics, technical key points and other aspects to be paid attention to, etc.
  • The Simplified Yang Tai Chi version includ 41 Forms.
  • The Video CD is appropriate for Tai Chi beginners.

The Structure Of Simplified Yang Tai Chi:

  • Preservation of the fradition
    The competition routine of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan was created based on the traditional Yang style. By implementing 37 different movements from the traditional one, it has kept the originality from the arrangement to the movements.
  • Rationality
    The arrangement of movements in the competition routine of Yang style Tai Chi focuses on the connection of the movements, the layout of the routine, the degree of difficulty and the rationality. The whole routine can be divided into 4 segments.
    Segment 1 has 9 movements mainly stressing on “grasp the peacock's tail”, and “brush knee and twist step”. It gives priority to the practice of the basic hands movements and the advancing step.
    Segment 2 consists of 5 movements including “jade girl working with shuttles” and “parting the wild horse's mane”. It emphasizes the practice of retreating, leaning and pushing. The movements are symmetrical and balanced.
    Segment 3 contains 9 movements and the difficult movements are “toes kick” and “heel kick” which require the high demands of balance and the control of height. These movements are designed to train the stability.
    Segment 4 includes 17 movements mainly focusing on “push down”, “turn body and lotus kick” and “tame the tiger”. The movements are agile and flexible with various changes and transitions which form the climax of the routine.

The Technique Of Simplified Yang Tai Chi

  • Yang style Tai Chi is a major branch of Tai Chi among the different style. The large routine of Yang style which is the most popular one is the original version used to create the competition routine of Yang style. Its major characteristics are as the following: The movements are extended and stretched, upright and full, and vigorous and dignified; the connection between the movements is natural and coherent; the force of the movement is internal with tenderness and fierceness; the pace is gentle, slow and continuous. When practicing, start with the relaxation and coordinate the tenderness and fierceness.

About Tai Chi Chuan Information, Please refer:
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Language: English & Chinese

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