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New frame I of Chen Style Tai Chi (2 discs)

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Chen Tai Chi new frame routine I is one of the most ancient in China. It created by Chen wangting. It originated in chen jia gou of Heman province P.R.China.

Soft and slow is Chen style Tai Chi Chuan is very popular with people allover the world because of its deep,unique practicalness both in attack and defense.

Shot in chen jia gou, the original place of Tai Chi Chuan. The teaching program is invited Chen xiaoxing, the international Tai Chi Chuan master to perform and demonstrate to ensure its orthodox spirit.

Chen xiaoxing, the international Tai Chi Chuan master, the nineteenth disciple (handed form the master directly).

Media: Video CD

Language: English & Chinese

Note: you may open it with other video playing software or Media Play of Microsoft. It can be played with QuickTime on Macintosh platform or with DVD and Video CD Player at home.

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