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48 Form Tai Chi Chuan Teaching

III. Basic Technical Essentials

(VI) Body Form, Body Work, and Eye Techniques

1. Body form

(l) Head: Keep the neck straight and the head up. Do not slant or shake the head.

(2) Neck: Keep the neck upright naturally. Do not stiffen the muscles.

(3) Shoulders: Relax and drop the shoulders. De not shrug, or stretch them backward, or hold them forward.

(4) Elbows: Drop and re1ax the elbows, and bend them naturally. Do not stiffen them or lift them up.

(5) Chest: Relax the chest and hold it in slightly. De not thrust the chest out or hold it in too much.

(6) Back: Straighten the back. Don't be humpback.

(7) Waist: Keep the waist relaxed and natural. Do not arch it or hold it out.

(8) Backbone: Keep the backbone upright and straight. Do not twist it to either side.

(9) Buttocks. Keep the buttocks in. Do not thrust it out or sway it.

(10) Hips: Keep them relaxed, upright and in. Do not stiffen them or thrust them to either side.

(11) Knees: Bend, stretch and relax the knees naturally. Do not stiffen them.

2. Body work

Keep the body upright and comfortable, turn the body naturally, flexibly, evenly and steadily. The movements are executed with the waist as the pivot to move the limbs in unison' Body movements should not be stiff stagnant, flighty or unsteady. The body should not be bent forward or backward, or rise or fall irregularly,

3. The Eyes

Tai Chi Chuan requires concentration of the mind, the use of consciousness to guide the movements, and a natural look. In the fixed position, the eyes should look straight ahead or at the hands. When changing positions, the eyes, hand techniques, and body work should be coordinated. Next Page

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