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48 Form Tai Chi Chuan Teaching

III. Basic Technical Essentials

(IV) Footwork

1. Forward step: Move the rear foot one step forward, or the front foot half a step forward.

2. Backward step: Move the front foot one step backward.

3. Withdrawing step: Move the front foot, or the rear foot, half a step backward.

4. Advance steps: Move both feet one step forward, one after the other.

5. Follow-up step: Move the rear foot half a step forward.

6. Side step: Move one feet parallel and sideways continuously.

7. Front cross step: Move one foot across the supporting foot and 1and it on the other side.

8. Back cross step: Move the foot behind the supporting foot to the other side.

9. Grinding step: Pivot on the heel, toes outward or inward: and Pivot on the ball of the front foot, heel out.

All steps should be light, nimble, and steady, and should combine emptiness with solidness. In advancing, land the heel first, and in retreating, land the bal1 first, moving in cat-like steps. The feet must not rise or fall clumsily, slowly, or heavily. They should be kept properly apart, whether longitudinal or latitudinal. The turning on the heel or ball of foot should be appropriate so that the body weight is ba1anced and the posture is natural. Straighten the legs naturally and avoid stiff knees.

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