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Tye's Kung Fu - Tips, Kungfu List, Seminars, Books, & More
Tye's Kung Fu is located at 2603 Rountree (in Bryan, TX), just northeast of the Bryan Golf Course. We offer instruction in Northern Shaolin / Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, as well as separate classes in Remy Presas' Modern Arnis.
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Martial arts related Directory - Martial arts related Directory

Martial Arts Uniforms
Quality martial arts uniforms including silk-screen printing and custom embroidery. Translations are available in Japanese and Korean.
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self defense products | paintball, paintball guns, gear ...
We sell Self Defense, Airsoft, and Paintball Products, such as weapons, stun guns, pepper spray, airsoft guns, air guns, ammunition, tasers, animal repellents, home safety , paintball guns, paintball gear and much more!
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MartialTalk.Com - Friendly discussion about martial arts.
MartialTalk.Com is one of the Internets premier martial arts communities. Our growing discussion forum is dedicated to the friendly discussion of all martial arts including Ed Parkers Kenpo, and Remy Presas Modern Arnis. We welcome all those seeking information on the martial arts. To visit the forum, go to
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The wushu centre and tgl books
Classes, translated books and videos on Chinese martial arts of Chen taiji, xingyi, baguazhang, wushu in Canada, also links, upcoming events.
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Art By Star
An excellent resource for art!
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