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Chen style tai chi Chi Kung

New Form's Routine II
Push-Hand and skill
Simplified chen style

Yang Style Classical Tai Chi DVD

Simplified Yang style
Simplified 24 forms

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a kind of traditional exercise method. Practicing it you should exercise both externally and internally, physically and mentally, trying to keep the balance and unity of outer and inner part of the body. By imitating the movements of masters in our teaching stuff, you will find that your emotion, which is used to be up and down, calms down and self-control becomes an easy thing. What is more you will become aware of the great benefit, that is relaxation, a thorough relaxation. Tai Chi is a very practical way for you to refresh from tension and exhaustion.





Tai Chi's History and Tai Chi's genre origin?

What kind of Tai Chi should you choose when you begin to study?

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