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Shao Lin Rou Chuan is an inner strength exercise of th e Shao Lin school of martial arts. It is said to be created originally by the second master HuiKe of the Songshan ShaoLin Temple, consisting of 3 sets of Rou Chuan exercise. It was taught only to the senior monks of the temple and only within the Temple's compound, not to be spread to the outside world. This form os exercise consists of gentle and forceful continuous movements with combination of mind, strength and proper breathing. It is suitable for the middle aged

Shao Lin Rou Chuan routine I is derived from the Monk 13 forms, combining all its thirteen movements to create this form. It is also and advanced form of the shao lin continuous Form. With its beautiful movements, clear instructino with front and back views, one will be able to master it after viewing for the first time .

Lecturer and demonstrator: Mao JingGuang, professional wushu coach

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