ShaoLin Kung Fu Monk 13 Form


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Shaolin Monk 13 form is an inner strength cultivating method of the Shaolin school of Kung Fu. It consists of 13 movements. Each movement can be practiced individually. It can be complimented with soothing background music and instruction. With the combination of all 13 movements, it will be transformed into a set of Shaolin Rouquan exercise. It is a unique form belonging to the inner school of the Chinese Kung Fu due to the fact that it can be practiced continuously. Beginners can achieve mastery of the exercise with ease. This form of exercise can be easily mastered after viewing it for the first time. These movements must be executed with precise combination of proper breathing exercise. An exercise of all the movements with a minimum of 200 deep breathing will reduce stress and anxiety. It is a good form of exercise to treat those suffering from mental deterioration, moodiness, unbalanced body system, mental stress, etc.

Lecturer and demonstrator: Mao Jingguang, professional Kung Fu coach.

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