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How to measure the length of my foot?

OK. One of the simplest ways is to stand on one of your bare feet before a wall and put the toes against it. Then measure the gap between the heel and wall and that's the length of your foot. Because our shoes are made by pure hand craftsmanship, the dimension is strictly required. Please get the data in the way mentioned to avoid discomfort when the shoes are finished.

How should I send my favorite picture to you?

The first step is to choose the shoes pattern and click the Handtailor this style Tai Chi Shoes below the shoes pattern and enter into the handtailoring page. The next step is, as requested, to E-mail us the picture, shoes pattern number, foot length and your normal shoes size . The second step should be click the button of payment .

My daughter is only 10 years old, may I handtailor a pair of small size shoes for her?

Yes, Of course. We can handtailor shoes for everyone. What you should do is entering our page of Tai Chi Shoes and choose your favorite pattern for handtailoring. Of course, if you'd like to use your own picture, please do not forget to attach your picture in the E-mail before ordering.

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