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How long will it take me to receive the products I ordered?

Normally, we will deal with your order within 12 hours and within 24 hours, after being confirmed by 2checkout.com, our money collector agent , the products will be despatched to you by TNT global air express on the same day. In about 3-5 working days, you will receive the products you ordered ( except the customized hand-tailed merchandise) , Click here for details.

What if the products damaged when it comes to me?

We have a whole set of emergency-processing mechanism. All our products will be sent to the address and receiver you specified by the TNT staff specially assigned. When you pick up the product, please open the package in front of the TNT staff. Should you find the products damaged, you may refuse to sign or ask the staff to issue a product damage certification. Then E-mail it to our after-sale service department and after confirmation they will re-deliver it to you within 48 hours. If it is unfortunate that you did not check the products after signature and found it damaged after that, what you should do is to inform the TNT office and have a certification issued by them, then inform us. After confirmation we'll deliver to you again the products you ordered.

Of course, we strongly suggest you to check the products status in front the TNT staff.

Can you deliver your products to any countries?

Of course we can. We already have clients in most countries all over the world.

How could I know when the products I ordered was delivered and where it has reached?

After delivering, we'll inform you immediately by E-mail and give you a 9-digit inquiring number, with it you may trace and inquiry the status of the products.

Please visit our products delivering inquiry page at : http://www.taichihealth.net/search_for_tnt.htm .

Of course, you may also visit directly the website of TNT http://www.tnt.com to inquiry the delivering status.

can you ship an order to someone as a gift from me?

Of course we can and it's very simple. Just click save and check out button at right lower corner of your shopping cart page to enter into the shipping information page. What you should do is to fill GIFT to xxx in the column of ship to name (xxx represents the name of the receiver). Then the specified receiver will receive the products packed in a gift box.

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