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What's Tai Chi Chuan?

Being one of the traditional Chinese physical training and health-keeping methods, Tai Chi Chuan is widely accepted by a large number of learners and trainers. Originally it came from the Chinese Kung fu for the purpose of attacking enemies and self-defending. During the course of hundreds of years of development, it was found to be a simple and effective way of exercising and health-keeping. It features fighting, self-defending and health-keeping skills, with the training of breathing. Mind and movements, it can improve the functions of each organs. What Tai Chi Chuan advocates is to maintain a higher body immunity level by the way of the systematic training, so as to enable the trainers to recover instantly from the day's a hard work. It will make you keep vigorous all day if you exercise it 5-10 minutes every day.

Which kind of diseases will Tai Chi Chuan be effective to?

What Tai Chi Chuan advocated is to improve the body quality as a whole. Sustaining exercising of Tai Chi Chuan will cure or prevent some diseases relating to cardiovascular, orthopaedics, neurological system, digestive system, breathing system and the organs function decaying.

Can Tai Chi Chuan cure arthritis?

It is absolutely yes. According to the experiments by experts and clinician from many countries such as China, USA, UK and France etc. exercising Tai Chi Chuan once a day will distinctly improve the symptom of arthritis patients. And the complaining of the disease becomes fewer and fewer.

I am a foreigner to Tai Chi Chuan , how should I begin to practice?

We suggest learner to begin with 24 form tai chi chuan or 42 form tai chi chuan. All of our teaching materials are demonstrated by well-known masters with audio narration. Even those who has never learned Tai Chi Chuan can learn it with the help of our Video CD and teaching books, it's very easy.

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