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Health care of the hair

Health care of the hair is also called beautification of hair. The healthy hair is black (or other natural hair colors), lustrous, thick, dense, long and beautiful.

The hair is closely related to the organs of purtenance. The state of the hair can directly reflect the states of the purtenance, gas and blood. Extreme emotional activities may also cause the changes of the hair. For example, excessive worry and anxiety often give rise to premature grey hair and baldness.

Combing the hair can promote qi (gas) flow and blood circulation, dispel wind, improve eye sight, tonify the brain, refresh people, make the hair lustrous and consolidated, relieve headache, prevent commoncold, promote sleeping and reduce blood pressure. The correct method to comb the hair is as follows. Comb the hair from the front to the back, then from the back to the front, from the left to the right, then from the right to the left. Comb the hair this way for dozens of times or hundreds of times. The hair can be combed in the morning, during the lunch break and before bed time. Massage with the fingers may be cooperatively applied during combing the hair. The ten fingers of the both hands are apart from one another naturally. Knead circularly with the palmar sides or tips of the fingers from the anterior hairline to the posterior one. Then, knead and massage the scalp from the two sides to the vertex with even force. Repeat the process for 36 times until the scalp gets warm.

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