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Oral health care

The oral cavity is the organ to control ingestion, digestion and speech as well as the important component part of the facial beauty. Good oral health care can prevent not only oral and dental diseases, but also many general diseases effectively like acute and subacute bacterial endocarditis, nephritis, rheumatic fever, arthritis and respiratory tract disease (these diseases are secondary to oral diseases).

Consolidating the teeth

Rinsing the mouth regularly

Rinsing the mouth can remove the turbid qi and food residues and clean the mouth and teeth. The mouth should be rinsed every time after the ingestion. There are many ways to rinse the mouth such as rinsing the mouth with water, rising the mouth with tea, rising the mouth with salty water, rinsing the mouth with vinegar and rinsing the mouth with the water soahed with traditional Chinese drugs. People may select the method according to their specific conditions.

Tapping the teeth regularly

Tapping the teeth is an important method to promote health and longevity, particularly it is of the more significance in the morning. The method is as follows. Get rid of all stray thoughts to relax mentally. Then, close the mouth and lips gently. Next, tap the back teeth for 50 times. Afterwards, tap the incisor teeth for 50 times. Finally, tap the molar teeth with the upper and lower teeth staggered for 50 times. Do the exercise once in the morning and evening respectively, or the number of tapping the teeth may be increased as well.

Massaging the lips

Close the mouth and lips tightly. Then use the four closed-up fingers of the right hand to gently knead and rub the outside margins of lips clockwise and anticlockwise until the local part becomes slightly hot and congested. This method promotes the oral and gingival blood circulation, makes the teeth healthy and firm, prevents dental diseases and has the actions of facial beautification and healthcare as well.

Health care with the die

Oral and dental diseases are related to the imbalance of nutrients to a certain degree. People should often eat fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C as well as foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin C like animal livers, kidneys, yolk and milk. Woman during the gestational period and lactation together with infants should pay particular attention to the supplementation of these foods to ensure the enamel development.

Swallowing saliva

Swallowing the refluxed saliva in ancient times and a method to strengthen health advocated by the ancients. Saliva is of special value in health preservation and health care. It not only helps digestion, protects digestive tract and removes toxic substances, but also promotes wound healing, delays ageing, prevents and fights cancer.

The method of refluxing and swallowing saliva: Assume the sitting, or lying, or standing posture. Keep calm and concentrate the mind. Then, lick the upper palate with the tongue, or rest the tongue on the maxilla dental outside. Next, move the tongue upwards and downwards first. Afterwards, rest the tongue on the maxilla dental inside and move the tongue upwards and downwards, from the left to the right. This method was termed as “The Red Dragon Stirring the Sea” by the ancients. Wait until there is a mouthful of saliva and swallow it in three divided times. Meanwhile, send the saliva down to Dantian with the mindwill. Or the method may be cooperated with tapping the teeth. Namely, first, tap the teeth; then, swallow the refluxed saliva. Do the exercise for three times and swallow the saliva in nine divided times. It is better to swallow the saliva in the morning and evening. Do it for more times if time permits.

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