Life cultivation in summer

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Examples of TCM Life Cultivation in Accordance with Seasonal Conditions

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Life cultivation in summer

Summer refers to the period from the beginning of summer to the previous day of the beginning of Autumn which includes the solar terms of Grain Full, Grain in Ear, the summer solstice, Slight Heat and Grain Heat in time order. In summer, the scorching sun shines everywhere and the ground is burning. As Yang Qi grows, it gradually supersedes Yin Qi. This climatic environment of all living things. All living things grow luxuriantly and many plants blossom and bear fruit. This is season of luxuriance and beauty in nature during a year. The feature of this season is “growing”. The functions of the human body also change correspondingly due to the influence of the scorching climate in summer during the integration of Yang Qi with Yin Qi. The Yang Qi inside the human body tends to release outwards. Therefore, people should pay attention to the protection of Yang Qi and conform to the feature of “growing” during the summer life cultivation.

Regulating the daily life

In summer, everything grows and everywhere is a picture of prosperity. This is the easiest time for the Yang Qi of the human body to release outwards. The science of TCM health preservation holds that people should sleep late and rise early and should not be averse to the long daytime and high temperature in summer. They should have the physical training outdoors facing the rising sun in the early morning every day. This can promote the timely excretion of waste inside the body, inspiration of fresh air and metabolism. People had best go to the high mountains, forestry and seashore for convalescence. They may take sunbath and receive a proper amount of fresh air so as to conform to the principle of growing in summer. Bathing with warm water once a day is a keep-fit measure which is worth is worth advocating under the intense heat in midsummer. Taking a bath can not only wash away the sweat and dirt to make the skin cooling and refreshing and prevent sunstroke and diseases, but also exercise the body. Because the pressure of the warm water during the bathing as well as the mechanical massage can lower the excitability of the sympathetic nerve, dilate the superficial blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, improve the nutrition of the skin and tissues, reduce muscular tension, eliminate fatigue, improve sleeping and enhance body resistance.

Daytime is longer than nighttime in summer, and the sleeping time is shorter at night. Besides, the scorching weather affects the sleeping quality. Accordingly, people should take a nap after lunch appropriately to get rid of fatigue and maintain vigorous energy.

In terms of clothing, people should select light, soft, light colored, well ventilated and hygroscopic material. The wide and loose clothes should be tailored to meet the requirement of the scorching weather and profuse sweat in summer. The ideal material for summer clothing includes silk and linen fabrics which are light, thin and well ventilated and also are suitable for tailoring underwear. Pure cotton cloth absorbs water well, but it is poor in heat dissipation. In addition, it easily sticks to the skin after perspiration. Thus, it is not suitable for tailoring summer clothes and underwears.

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