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Health care of the chest

Massage method: Assume the sitting or the supine position. Push and rub the chest with the left palm from the left upper part to the right lower part and with the right hand from the right upper part to the left lower part. Push and rub the chest alternately with the both hands for 30 times. Then, knead the breast clockwise and anticlockwise for 30 circles simultaneously with both hands. Afterwards, knead and press the breast with both hands for 30 times from the left to the right and from the upper part to the lower part. Besides, woman may grasp the breast for health care. The method is as follows. Cross the lower arms. Then, hold the left breast with the right hand and the right breast with the left hand. Next, grasp the breast with the fingers. One cycle is composed of grasping and releasing the breast once respectively. Repeat the cycle for 30 times. Massaging the chest may invigorate yangqi, promote qi flow and blood circulation and enhance the functions of the heart and lung.

health care of the back

Keeping the back warm: The back is the place where the occupants of viscera of the human body are located. Pathogenic cold may invade viscera directly. Therefore, pay attention to keeping the back warm at all times. People may protect the back with clothes, warm the back in the sun, avoid exposure to cold, etc. Achieve health care of the back.

Pounding the back: people may pound the back by themselves or ask others to pound the back for them. This has the actions of dredging meridians, promoting blood circulation, invigorating yangqi, strengthening the heart and benefiting the kidney.

Rubbing the back: people may rub the back by themselves or ask others to rub the back for them. People can rub the back by themselves while taking a bath. Place a wet towel on the shoulder. Then, pull the two ends of the towel tightly with the both hands and rub the back forcefully until it turns warm. When asking someone to rub the back, assume the prone position with the naked back. Ask the person to press and rub the back upwards and downwards along the spine until the back gets warm. Do not apply the force too violently to avoid hurting the skin. Rubbing the back prevents and cures common cold, aching pain of the waist and back, chest tightness and abdominal distension.

Kneading the spine: Assume the prone position with the naked back. Ask someone to lift up the muscle of the middle of the spine with the both hands (the thumb and index finger) and hold-twist it continuously from Dazhui (GV14) to the sacrum for three times. The method is applicable to adults and children. It regulates viscera, promotes qi flow and blood circulation, and strengthens the spleen, regulates the stomach and also has certain effects on the regulation of blood pressure. Do not apply very strong force too violently and quickly while the movements should be in harmony with one another.

Health care of the waist

exercising the waist

Swinging the hip and waist: Assume the standing posture with arms akimbo. The thumb is on the front and the other four fingers are on the back. Use the middle finger to press Shenwu (BL 23). When inhaling the air, swing the tip from the left to the right: when exhaling the air, from the right to the left. This is one cycle. Repeat the cycle for eight to thirty-two times continuously.

Bending down and lifting the waist: Assume the standing position. When inhaling air, raise the both hands from the front of the body overhead with the palms facing downwards and the finger tips upwards; when exhaling air, bend down with the both hands touching the ground or feet. Do the exercise continuously for eight to thirty-two times.

Twisting the waist and spine: Assume the standing posture. Raise the both hands beside the two sides of the head with the shoulder-width apart, the thumb tip as high as the eyebrow and the palms against each other. When inhaling air, twise the upper body from the left to the right and twist the head with the body towards the right posterior direction: when exhaling air, from the right to the left. This is a cycle. Repeat the cycle continuously for eight to thirty-two times.


Massaging the waist strengthens the waist and the kidney. The method is as follows. Rub the both hands against each other to make them warm. Inhale air with the nose and exhale it slowly. Rub the two Shenshu (BL23) occupants with the warm hands for 120 times respectively.

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