Health care of the ears

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Health care of the ears

The ears are the auditory organs closely related to the five zang organs, especially the kidney. In modern society, environmental pollution, the side effects of drugs, etc. Seriously harm hearing. Therefore, importance should be attached to health care of the ears.

Massage the front and back of the two helix roots with the index fingers for 15 times respectively.

press the helix with the both hands upwards and downwards for 15 times.

Shake and pull the both helixes for 15 times respectively with the thumb and index finger. But do not apply too much force.

Flick the ears with the middle fingers for 15 times.

Massaging the ear can promote qi flow and blood circulation of the auricular region, make the external auricular skin moist and lustrous, delay the ageing of the tympanic membrane, prevent frosbite, prevent and cure auricular diseases.

Apart from these medicines, correct the bad habits like picking the ears to prevent infection of antrum auris. Meanwhile, moderate sexual life and eat proper tonic products. These points are also beneficial to the prevention and treatment of tinnitus and deafness in middle-aged people.

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