Life cultivation in the pregnant women

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Life cultivation in the pregnant women

The health status of the pregnant woman directly influences the development, inheritance as well as the lifelong health and life span of the fetus. Improper health preservation may give rise to retarded growth of the fetus, abortion or susceptibility to diseases in the pregnant woman, abnormal inheritance of the fetus, and more often congenital diseases and prenatal deformities.

Prenatal conditioning

Prenatal conditioning means that the enhancement of mental, moral and dispositional cultivation provides the pregnant woman with a comfortable and happy environment and state of mind to exert a favorable effect on the fetus and promote the fetal intelligence development during the pregestational, gestational and productive periods.

Keeping sanguine and open minded

The pregnant woman should be broad minded and sanguine, free from selfish ideas, without worrying about personal gains and losses; she should be content with her lot of life, generous to people, pleased to help others, free from jealousy, dignified and easy in words, deeds and behavior. In this way, the fetus can have favorable inheritance and it is helpful to the development of the good fetal disposition and character.

Cultivating temperament

The pregnant woman may participate in the local recreational and sports activities to a proper degree, develop interest and hobbies in various fields to enrich her life. Besides, she may mould her temperament by means of playing a musical instrument, playing chess, practicing calligraphy and painting, reciting poems, and traveling, etc.

Exercise emotional tension during the gestational period may cause hypercorticoidism and fetal developmental deformity. Excessive emotional tension or anxiety gives rise to severe fetal movement. After birth, the fetus is often liable to restlessness, rage, irritation and cry. Accordingly, various measures should be taken to regulate the pregnant woman's emotions.

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