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Health care for women

The physiological characteristics such as menstruation, pregnancy, labor and lactation, together with the psychological features like sentimentality and lack of emotional self control make women susceptible to the consumption of essence, blood, spirit and Qi as well as diseases and premature ageing in women. Their health care should emphasize the hygiene and health care during the menstrual period, gestational period, stegmonth, lactation and climacterium in additional to the same point as men.

Health care during the menstrual period

Women should keep their pudenda clean and hygienic, avoid tension, fatigue, strenuous exercises and heavy physical labor. They cannot adopt the tub bath and swim. They should strictly abstain from sexual life, vaginal examination, etc. These are the basic content of health care in women. In addition, attention should be paid to the following aspects.

Keeping warm

Women should keep the body warm during the menstrual period and avoid attack by cold. They should not wade across a river, be drenched with rain, sit and lie on the damp ground and work in the paddy field. They should strictly abstain from swimming, cold bath and work with the scorching sun directly overhead and under intense heat. Otherwise, they are susceptible to menstrual disorders, dysmenorrheal, and amenorrhea, etc.

Abstaining from certain foods

Sthenia of the liver and asthenia of the spleen mostly exist during the menstrual period due to profuse discharge of menstrual blood such as mammary distension and pain, distension of lower abdomen with bearing down sensation, poor appetite and loose stool. Women should eat light and nutritious foods. They cannot eat more sour and pungent, pungent and hot natured, aromatic and dry food. Or this may give rise to hypermenorrhea; overeating of uncooked and cold foods may cause blood stagnation, giving rise to unsmooth menstruation, dysmenorrheal and amenorrhea; excessive drinking is not advisable either to keep the normal menstruation.

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