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The chief constituents of honey are fructose, glucose, cane sugar, maltose, protein, amino acid as well as enzymes like invertase, reductase, oxidase, catalase and amylase, organic acids, acetylcholine, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, D and K, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, folic acid and biotin, trace elements like copper, iron, magnesium and nickel. Honey is a good natural intelligence benefiting product viewed from the five major nutrients of intelligence benefiting diet.

The food honey may be drunk by watering it with boiled water or in the form of various beverages. It is the best for children and juveniles not to eat royal jelly, bee milk and their products. These things contain more hormones constituents, of which gonadotropic hormone may result in children's sexual prematurity. Therefore, they are not advisably eaten. Therefore, they are not advisably eaten.

The children's spleen and stomach are not fully developed and they cannot regulate their diet by themselves. Slightly improper feeding may impair the spleen and stomach, affecting the growth and development. Therefore, the children's feeding should aim at protecting the spleen and stomach. Light diet should be selected. This is the principle. The stool should be instantly observed to find out the state of digestion and absorption. Modern children should prevent hypernutrition and regulate the diet accordingly. Namely, “The children should endure thirty percent starvation, be only seventy percent full and knead the belly frequently.”

Rearing the children carefully

The clothing should be modified in conformity to seasonal changes of cold and heat, the criterion of which lies in the act that the children's hands and feet are warm but do not sweat. The key points for keeping warm are that the head is advisably cool while the back, abdomen and feet are advisably warm. The children's clothing and quilt should particularly avoid being to thick and too warm while too much clothing should not be advisable at usual times.

Combing the hair often tonifies the brain. According to the theory of meridians and collaterals in TCM, the head is “the place where all Yang meridians meet and all meridians communicate”. The acupoint in the middle of the vertex is called BaiHui. Combing the hair regularly makes people and the mind refreshed and overcomes fatigue. The process of combing the hair is actually massaging the every acupoint of the head, while regulates the excitement and inhibition of cerebral cortex via this stimulation of massage, improves blood circulation and the secretion of subcutaneous body f gland and improves nutritional metabolism. This is the so-called function of activating blood circulation and Qi flow, dispelling wind and improving sight, nourishing and consolidating the hair, refreshing the mind and improving sleep.

It is advisable to comb the hair once in the morning and in the evening respectively. Comb the hair from the front to the back, and then from the back to the front, from the left to the right, and the from the right to the left. Repeat the cycles for from dozens of times to more than one hundred times until the feverish and contracting sensation appears on the scalp.

It is advisable to comb the hair more and wash it less. An ancient book says: “People should wash the hair once in five days except in summer.” Take particular care not to expose the head to wind and cold. Otherwise, it would be susceptible to headache. In addition, it is not advisable for girls to have the hair permed. It is not even more advisable for girls to wear the hair curling tube or hairpin to go to sleep in case the hair roots should be suppressed to affect blood circulation.

Training physique

The natural sunlight and air should be fully utilized to train the physique. The outdoor activities should be ensured at least for two to three hours a day in children below 10. It is advisable to have such activities as gymnastics, swimming, playing games, short distance running, wu shu, rope skipping and ball games. Children should play more intelligence benefiting games to promote the development of intelligence. These games may be as follows.

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