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Balancing the diet

Adequate supply of quantity of heart should be firstly guaranteed in the diet of physical workers. Secondly, select the food which can counteract or eliminate the hazardous factors in the food according to the different types of work. Supply salt containing drink, vitamin B and C to supplement the loss of organic salt and water due to perspiration for those who engage in high temperature operation; increase the proportion of fat in diet for those who engage in freezing environment; take care to supplement vitamin A and vitamin D for those who engage in the environment lacking sunlight like mines, tunnels and places under water; increase the intake of protein, carbohydrate and vitamin C in the diet for those who are long exposed to benzol to limit the intake of fat.


Meditation surely promotes intellectual activities. Its mechanism lies in the fact that the purpose of improving physiological functions is achieved by means of the psychological self suggestion. Its method is as follows: Get rid of all distracting thoughts and suggest to yourself that there exists a red sun, shining over your head. Your vertex feels hot gradually. The warm current enters your brain, every part of your brain. Then the warm current penetrates into your limbs, even throughout the whole body.

The detection of the cerebral blood flow chart shows that for those with intellectual disabilities, the supply of blood volume of cerebral cortex increases greatly if they often practice meditation. This indicates that the cerebral blood circulation has been improved.

Health enhancing ball

Health enhancing ball is applicable to the intellectual disabilities due to maim and disease included handicap. As for training methods, the patients may use the simple movements like rotating one ball clockwise and anticlockwise on one palm at first. Then, gradually shift to complicated movements like rotating two balls on two palms, rotating two balls in an inside-outsidely leaping way, rotating many balls in a mutually circling way and rotating balls once after every three times of dribbling balls. The patients may shift to new methods continuously to achieve the state of high proficiency and frequent variations. This may effectively delay decline of the brain. Balance the left and right hands, and alternate the two hands when practicing the balls with two hands. Do not ignore to use the left hand in particular. This measure may ensure equal development of the functions of the two cerebral hemispheres.

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