Health care for physical workers

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Health care for physical workers

Physical workers concentrate on the movements of the tendon, bone and muscle, the characteristics of which are more consumption of energy and vigorous metabolism of internal substances. Physical workers with different types of work often assume a certain fixed posture or repeat one simple action. This makes the local tendon, bone and muscle tense for a long time and may cause internal injury due to physical overstrain. Huangdi Neijing, or Canon of Medicine, says “Prolonged looking impairs blood, prolonged lying Qi, prolonged sitting muscle, prolonged standing the bone, prolonged walking the tendon.” Besides, some physical workers may suffer from occupational diseases as a result of long exposure to hazardous factors like noises, radioactive substances, high temperature as well as lead, mercury, benzol, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, organic phosphorus and dust.

Moving the limbs

Assuming the standing position for a long time makes the muscle of the waist and leg tens and tired. As a result, physical workers often feel echausted, aching pain of the waist and leg. They are also susceptible to hump back and injury of lumbar muscle due to physical overstrain. In addition, due to gravity, blood circulation is not smooth. Consequently, phlebeurysma of lower limbs occur easily. Accordingly, participate in more activities at usual times such as taking a walk, jogging, practicing Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji quan), swaying legs and performing gymnastics.

When working in the sitting position for a long time, select the events of exercising the whole body like ball games. These games improve the flexibility and sensitivity of the fingers and wrist. Besides, the games also tonify the brain, benefit intelligence and improve microcirculation.

Those who engage in high temperature operation consume a lot of physical strength. They may take part in more activities such as walking, jogging, fencing and keep fit gymnastics to increase the adaptive capacity and tolerance of high temperature of the organism.

Those workers who engage in highly technical jobs not only consume their physical strength, but also use the brain, for instance, long distance drivers and technical workers in an assemble line. These people's brains are highly tense, and they are susceptible to insomnia, headache and nervous hypertension. It is advisable for them to choose the traditional Chinese keep fit sports events with small amount of exercise and mild movements like Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji quan) and eight section brocade. These events regulate breathing, tranquilize the mind, exercise the body, which not only relax mental tension, but also promote Qi flow, relax the muscle and tendon and activate blood circulation. These people may also participate in some ball circulation. These people may also participate in some ball games and gymnastic games on or with apparatus to improve the ability of quick and flexible reactions of the body.

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