Health care for old people

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Health care for old people

Old age means the age exceeds 60. Physiologically, old people are marked by the natural decline of viscera, Qi, blood and spirit as well as the psychological changes due to physiological and social factors such as the commonly seen loneliness, ageing, melancholy, suspiciousness, mania, restlessness of the mind and irascibility. When confronted with the bad environment and irritative factors, old people are susceptible to various diseases and it is more difficult for them to recover from these diseases.

Establishing the psychological state of being optimistic, open minded, kind and enterprising

The aged should have deep love for life, maintain self-confidence, make frequent use of the brain, do more good turns and treat others open-mindedly, magnanimously modestly, kindly and gently. All these are beneficial to health.

The old people should avoid various unfavorable environments and mental stimulations. They should do their best to avoid the environments and scenes of the death, funeral, disaster, grief and depression. The revelrous, pretty and coquettish, frivolous and obscene occasions are not suitable for them. They should cultivate the happy and pleasing temperament according to the personal character and interest like tranquilizing the mind to sit quietly, chatting with friend, watching fish beside the pond and walking through the forest to listen to the bird's singing. This can make them content with their lot in life and is beneficial to health and longevity.

Senior citizens should acquire optimism and the confidence to defeat diseases, participate in some meaningful activities and training, actively cooperate with the doctor in treatment, have the physical examination regularly to discover the unfavorable signs as soon as possible for the timely prevention and treatment.

Taking the nutritious, bland, well-cooked, soft and various diet

Various diets

Old people should take in various diet with rich and complete nutrients to strengthen essence and Qi and delay ageing. They should supplement the deficient nutrients of the organism appropriately. For instance, old people are subject to calciprivia. Accordingly, they should select the diet with rich calcium. Milk and dairy products, soybean and bean products are the ideal sources of calcium in diet. Also, celery, hawthorn fruit, coriander, etc. contain a large proportion of calcium. Besides, old people may regularly eat the foods strengthening the spleen and kidney, benefiting health and prolonging life such as lotus seed, Chinese yam, lotus root starch, water chestnut, walnut and black soya-bean.

Bland diet

The old people's diet should be rich in protein, vitamin and fibrin but scanty in sugar, fat and salt. This is the quintessence of the so-called “bland diet”. The spleen and stomach in old people are asthenic and declining, and weak in transportation and transformation. Consequently, old people should eat more fish, lean meat, bean products, fresh vegetables and fruits. But they should limit animal fat while vegetable oil is advisable such as sesame oil and maize oil.

Warm, well-cooked and soft diet

It is suitable for old people to eat warm diet, not uncooked and cold one in case the spleen and stomach should be impaired. However, it is not advisable to eat the very hot diet, either. The diet should be “warm but without scalding the lips, cold but without shaking the teeth.” Old people with odontoseisis and odontoptosis have dysmasesia. Thus, it is suitable for them to eat the soft diet but abstain from sticky, hard and heavy foods. Gruel is the most suitable food for old people. It is not only light, but also strengthens the lung and promotes the production of body fluids. It is particularly suitable for old people's viscera.

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