Abstinence from sexual overstrain

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Abstinence from sexual overstrain

Sexual overstrain refers to exhaustion due to intemperance in sexual life. Abstinence from sexual overstrain is not only the important measure to preserve health and prevent diseases, but also the objective requirement at the stage of recovery.

Sexual behavior is the human instinct and the important component part of life. From the viewpoint of medicine, moderate sexual life is the physiological and psychological needs of the human body, while celibacy and asceticism are by no means beneficial to health and longevity. But this does not means beneficial to health and longevity. But this does not mean overindulgence in sexual life, but temperance should be exercised. Intemperance in sexual life inevitably consumes renal essence, impairs primordial Qi and injures the human health.

For the patient's part, he should set aside his worries and have a good rest due to deficiency of essence and qi to supplement qi and restore health. However, overindulgence in sexual life without temperance consumes his essence even more seriously to result in the development of the disease into an incurable one. For instance, the patients with pulmonary tuberculosis suffer from deficiency of yin and essence. Their yin and essence should be nourished. If indulging in sexual life frequently, they are extremely susceptible to the deterioration of the disease. Take the renal disease, hypertension and coronary heart disease for examples. These diseases may be aggravated or deteriorated because of indulgence in sexual life as well. In severe cases, indulgence in sexual life even may cause vital crises such as cerebral bleeding and myocardiac infarction. Accordingly, sexual life should be moderated during the daily health care and rehabilitation. In severe cases, sexual life should be stopped for the time being.

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