Abstinence from smoking and drinking

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Abstinence from smoking and drinking

Smoking is harmful to health

Smoking is absolutely harmful. Tobacco contains nicotine, ammonia and cyanide. When burnt, tobacco generated carbon monoxide. The acute toxicity of nicotine is not less than ammonium cyanate, and the amount of nicotine generated by twenty cigarettes ca make and ox die immediately. The tar in tobacco stimulates the lung greatly, injures the pulmonary tissue and the mucosa of respiratory tract, and weakens the protective function of pulmonary epithelial cells and the phagocytic function of macrophage. This lays the foundation for chronic infection and canceraton. Tobacco tar contains carcinogenic substances, mainly some chemical compounds of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. This type of substances is generated when tobacco is burnt. In addition, the substances the tobacco contains such as amine nitrite are also carcinogenic substances. The carbon monoxide inspired enters blood to replace oxygen and hinders the function of blood to transport oxygen. Moreover, the high-concentration carbon monoxide may also injure cardiovascular system and markedly increases the incidences of myocardiac infarction and atherosclerosis. The ammonia generated by smoking can stimulate oral cavity, throat, pulmonary and gastric mucosae, cause poor appetite, unsmooth respiration, even gingival atrophy, gingival bleeding and odontoseisis in severe cases. It can be seen from the above that smoking may influence the functional activities of every system of the major causes why many diseases are too intractable to be cured.

Smoking is not only harmful to the smoker, but also to the non-smokers around. It has been determined that in the smog exhaled by the smoker, the concentration of tobacco tar and nicotine is two times as much as that of the smog inhaled by the smoker. Consequently, smoking does not only harm the smoker's health, but also causes “public nuisance”. Accordingly, please do not smoke or give up smoking as soon as possible for the sake of your and others' health.

One should stress the methods besides his personal determination and willpower when quitting smoking. For instance, the smoker can smoke less and less in order to give up smoking gradually. In addition, he can place himself in the non-smoking environment. In this case, it can make the smoker feel ashamed and fearful and counteract his desire for smoking. Take some methods for another example. Make the smoker feel slightly uncomfortable, even disgusted during or after smoking with certain methods. Then, he can take advantage of it to quit smoking. For instance, add Renshenlu (Rhizoma Ginseng), the mild-natured and atoxic emetic, to the cigarette to make him nauseated. Besides, successful abstention from smoking has been reported, too. For example, puncture the depression between Lieque and Yangxi with the filiform needle, 3mm in depth, and retain the needle for 15 minutes; apply the needle-embedding therapy on Naodian and Xindian of the auricle. When wanting to smoke, press the two acupoints for several times. It is also effective to some degree.

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