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The Theoretical Basis

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Life cultivation is to achieve the purposes of conserving health, preventing disease, enhancing health and prolonging life span by means of various health care measures such as cultivating the mind, regulating the diet, exercising constitution of the human body, moderating sexual life and adapting oneself to cold and heat. In short, all the activities of promoting health and prolonging life span belong to those of health preservation. Life cultivation of TCM, a practical science, is to explore and study Chinese psychological and physiological health care measures through the ages as well as enhancement of physique, prevention of diseases and prolongation of life under the guidance of TCM theories.

Rehabilitation is to improve the life quality of patients and the handicapped by treating the functional decline or dysfunction of body due to various congenital or postnatal factors by way of mental regulation, proper diet, physical training, acumox and massage, administration as well as bathing, recreation, etc. It is mainly applicable to the patients with pathogenic handicap and maim. Rehabilitation of TCM is a science to study the basic theories, therapeutic methods and their application under the guidance of TCM theories.

The science of life cultivation and rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine is similar to the first medicine ( preventive medicine) in modern medicine, while rehabilitation medicine belongs to the category of the third medicine. During the history of TCM development, the two medicine branches are closely connected with each other in the aspects of academic sources, theoretical basis, methods and techniques though both of them differ in the objects of study, areas of application and disciplinary names. This is one major characteristic of TCM, and embodies the holistic concept of combination of prevention with treatment and integration of treatment with health preservation

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