Five Animals Play

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Five Animals Play

Yoga – Standing Posture and The Breath

Yoga – The attention Meditation, arm balance and inversions

Yoga – The care Chakras grounding and “Warrior” posture

Yoga – Wind in the Balance

Healing Yoga for Aches and Pains

Indian Yoga Music

10 Minute Solution

$48.95 USD


Five Animals Play is created by the famous doctor HuaTuo who lived in the late Han and Shanguo Dynasty. He researched the movement characteristics of tigers, deer, apes and birds and this play is based on the ancient guide, aspiration and inspiration, scripture of the bear, extend technique of the birds. It is combined of the function of the viscus, arteries and veins, as well as blood and breath of human beings. It is a physical training edited with folk style, which is the basis of the latter prosperity of Chinese Wushu.

Media: DVD
Language: Chinese

Subtitle: English and Chinese

Note: you may open it with DVD playing software on computer or with DVD Player at home.

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