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What to notice in the exercise of Tai Chi Chuan?

The exercising of Tai Chi Chuan is generally for the purpose of health keeping and fitness. If you want to do it better, there are several points that should be noticed in the process of exercise.

In the exercising process, the practitioner should thoroughly calm down in mind, relax in the body and conduct entirely with the mind. Generally, it will be better to select a comparatively quiet place in order to get calm down. In a noisy atmosphere, the mind and emotion of the practitioner will be interrupted by some factors and can not focus on the exercise, whereas the effect will be different.

When exercising Tai Chi Chuan, the breathing should be of abdomen style, which should be thin, even, slow and long. It is recommended to select a place where air is fresh and oxygen ample because the breathing volume of each time is quite big. It is usually a rule for the practitioners, in early morning or at sunset, to find a green land in the park or a big clearing with trees to practice. This will be good for the air exchange between inner and outer part of the body and realize the health of respiration system. If you exercise in an air corrupted and waste gas affected place, maybe you not only can not achieve the goal of keeping health but also do harm to your health more seriously than in normal situation.

According to the experience of the ancestors, before exercising, the practitioner should loosen the belt and clothes that he feels no restrictions. Maybe we can not be so dainty or strictly required, but you should not know that relaxing the body and clear the mind will do better to the exercise.

If you do some preparing actions before exercising, such as relaxation of the shoulders and legs and exercising Zhuang Gong or breathing deeply, you could enter the state more easily in the exercise.

The preparing actions maybe simple for the warm-up purpose only, such as joints swinging, and muscles stretching, this will prevent the practitioner free from injury and make him enter into the state more quickly. This kind of preparing actions are differentiated for different individuals, getting the purpose of warm-up will be OK.

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