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Someone suffers from knee joint pains during the course of Tai Chi exercise. What's the reason and how to avoid?

The exercise of Tai Chi Chuan may make our body strong and build up our health, especially out-standing to strengthening the force of lower limbs. The right exercising wouldn't lead to a sore knee. During practicing Tai Chi Chuan, you should intensively pay attention to protect your knees. Two reasons may cause knees problems. The first one is you are overloaded, maybe bending knees or squatting too deeply or focusing mainly on intensity while practicing. Many people play all routines that he knows from the starting form to the end everyday. In fact, just like other sports, Tai Chi Chuan exercise should not be done mechanically. You need not to exercise it completely from the starting form, you may just do some single forms, such as auxiliary exercising as pressing legs and warm-up actions, etc. For some difficult actions that you can't do very well, you may exercise again and again to master it. For example, if you can't stand on one leg firmly, you may practice it from time to time; if the support power of legs isn't strong enough, you may exercise it with the exercise of stake step, and so on. Thus the knee joint will not always be in overload state while alternating tension with relaxation. The ways of practicing Tai Chi Chuan is diversified. You only need to finish two or three complete routines carefully every time. It is useless to concentrate on the quantity. If so, the result will not be efficient and the training will become dull and boring, what's more, since it isn't scientific, you wouldn't improve your level indeed. The second reason is that lots of people think Tai Chi Chuan is a very gentle sport, and it does not need to do any appropriate actions of preparation, arranging and relaxing. Though Tai Chi Chuan is a kind of gentle sport on the whole, the sport intensity is very high to some degree in some of its movements, or it would be difficult to get good effect. The sport intensity of knee joints is always very high, the actions are not gentle as taking an ordinary walk. In ordinary walking the knee joints alternate tension with relaxation, while in exercising Tai Chi Chuan the knee joints are always in tense condition. So, you must have a warm-up sport like other sports before practicing and take a walk and relax after that. As the Chinese box saying says "if you shadow box without walking the legs, you must be a harum-scarum". During the course of practicing Tai Chi Chuan, people always ignore this aspects, thinking that kicking legs and relaxing or walking is only necessary for practicing Long Fist (Chang Chuan). Remember to have some warm-up actions before practicing and relax after that such as having a walk or even you playing ball, thus to ease the static fatigue of exercising Tai Chi Chuan. The changing of sport and the intensity adjustment are both the ways of relieving tiredness. For ordinary people, some recovering sport such as walking, pressing legs, etc are necessary.

Both of the reasons mentioned above can lead to a overload of the knee joints and cause a pain. You should supervise and control yourself when you practice. The tingle of knee joints isn't like the tingle of muscle. When this happens, you must control the posture and the quantity of squatting and you'd better do more relaxation between exercising. There is another possibility that some people got a arthritis by the reason of not paying attention to keeping warm. This isn't the reason of sports, but the hygiene of sport. If you have a pain in the knee joint you should put on the thin kneecaps. Thus the knees would not only have some support but also be keep warm. People often neglect the safety and the hygiene of sports in exercising Tai chi Chuan. The quantity of overload of static strength and the degree of fatigue that Tai Chi Chuan poses to the muscle of legs and the knee joints is by no means inferior the sport of motive force of bursting forth as bouncing and jumping.

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