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Might Tai Chi Chuan be exercised indoors?

One of the advantages of Tai Chi Chuan exercising is the simplicity in choosing exercising place. You may perform some movements at any time and any places. If the room is large enough, you might exercise. When we say large enough, we do not mean to practice the complete routine from the start form to the end. If so, there are some limitations in the choice of place. But at least you may practice some movements smoothly and practice the whole routine segment by segment. If you have to keep moving from one place to another, you couldn't keep it continuously. Thus wouldn't be able to embody the exercising property of Tai Chi Chuan routines. Under such circumstances, you'd better just exercise single movements in one place. When the place is wide, you then exercise it continuously. In one word, just take measures suited to local conditions. At last there is an important factor which must be guaranteed when you practice Tai Chi Chuan indoors, namely, ventilation must be good.

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