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What kind of Tai Chi Chuan should you choose when you begin to study?

There are quite a few kinds of Tai Chi Chuan. Of these, the Chen style, Yang style, Wu style and Sun style are all famous and widely spreaded. There are more people practicing them. Every style of Tai Chi Chuan includes more than one routines, some are simple, some are difficult. There are series of boxing and weaponry routines. All these supply a wide space for the practicing people to choose. It fit all kinds of people to select.

All styles of Tai Chi Chuan are good for keeping health and body shaping. But in accordance with everyone's specific conditions there are some arts to the choice. Here are some aspects for your reference.

The first, choose according to one's interests. Though each kind of Tai Chi Chuan is quite interlinked on basic theory and basic skills. There are obvious differences among them, especially on the styles. Before you begin to practice, I suggest you to have a look the skills and tricks of every kind of Tai Chi Chuan. When you are fond of a kind of style, you will be interested in it and practice it unremittingly. Tai Chi Chuan is not only a kind of physical sport but also a comprehensive course of pleasure, appreciation of the beauty and feel by oneself of his body. Also it is an experience of cultural mentality. The more you like it and not regard it as a task, the more effect of health keeping it will be. What Tai Chi Chuan requires is just "combining body and mind into one".

The second, choose combining your exercising conditions. For example, do you have a teacher? Which style the teacher belongs to? If you like a kind of Tai Chi Chuan, then it is necessary for you to have a teacher at the very beginning. If you are lucky enough to follow a good teacher, it would be very important to get into Tai Chi Chuan and improve it. So I advice you if there is a good teacher beside you, you should study with him first.

The third, choose in accordance with your own physical conditions. Are you strong enough? To those who are weaker, they can choose the Yang style or the Wu style. To those who are strong , they can choose the Chen style or the Zhao style and so on.

The forth, when you practice routines, you should choose the easy style first. To keep the pace of the development of the times, almost all Tai Chi Chuan styles have their own simplified routines. Of course most of them are traditional routines. When you begin to practice, you'd better choose an easy one. Grasp some typical acts. Tai Chi Chuan has a characteristic that many basic essentials especially some principal ones are mostly digested in the typical acts. It'll be very helpful for exercising Tai Chi Chuan routines.The simplified routines of each style are abstracted and rearranged from the typical acts.

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