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All About Ah Long

A heart-warming family saga about Ah Long (Chow-Yun Fat), an ex-gang member who is seen through imprisonment, separation from his......

Beloved Son of God

Despite bringing joy to his loving family and friends, a jovial, mentally retarded man faces discrimination and the hurtful prejudices of others.

Breaking The Silence

Breaking the Silence tells a story of single mother Sun Liying, who is obliged to work hard to bring up her deaf son Zheng Da ......

A Father With His Twenty-Five Children

The villagers raise Zhao Gung who used to be a poor orphan and he changes into a wealthy chicken raiser. He donates 10,000 RMB......

Life is a Miracle

A story detailing the hardships of people in a realistic way. A story about a social worker who served in a hospital serving


Many consider Miracles to be Jackie's best movie. Stunning in every department, Miracles established......


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