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Interactive Chinese




 It is an integrated software with words,sounds, pictures, animations and music.It will make you enthusiastic about learning Chinese . It is a wonderfully-designed, high quality software.

 More than 20   Chinese experts took part in the planning and the editing of  this product. More than 100 multimedia experts and programmers worked together  to develop   this new product . This software is composed of a total number of 300,000 Chinese words and  relevant English explanations.   This product consists of 16 CD-ROMs and five books.

This software introduces a step-by-step learning method to you.It starts from the Chinese phonetic alphabet and ends at the HSK examination. It is designed  to  help you learn oral Chinese during the study of the Chinese phonetic alphabet. Each Chi- nese character is accompanied by Chinese phonetic alphabet. Each Chinese word or sentence is explained in English.

 After you finish it, you will be able to speak fluently and write smoothly.You will be able to reach the intermediate level , which is mentioned in the HSK examination. And also,   during the study of the Chinese Idioms and Proverbs,   you will be able to have a good understanding about the traditional culture and the long history of China.

This software can be used as a teaching material by education institutions, as well as people who are learning Chinese, especially by businessmen who are study- ing Chinese by their own.

This software has versions in English, Japanese, and Korean.

English versions Price: US$ 298.91

Korean versions Price: US$ 298.91

Japan versions Price: US$ 298.91



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