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Learning Chinese

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Learning Chinese



Easy Chinese — Speak Out (1 book & 4 VCDs)

primary level

Price: US$ 99.91

Chief Compilers: Liu Tong & Shao Limin
Compilers: Liang Dehui, Yang Yin, Ju Haiyu
Stage Directors: Wei Jie & Han Zelin


The course is compiled and designed for learners who have studied Chinese for 3 to 6 months and who have some fundamental knowledge on pronunciation and vocabulary.

Some practical situations are designed, such as traveling, shopping, visiting friends and relatives, doing laundry and dining out.

Latest developments in language are taken into consideration by way of introducing some situations hardly taught in schools, such as using the EMS (Express Mail Service), Internet surfing, and going to the karaoke bar.

The course will help learners understand the actual living environment in China, improve their daily conversational skills and adapt to the work and life in areas where Chinese is used.

In addition to a textbook on Chinese, it may also be used as a package of “coping Chinese expressions” when foreigners are living, working, studying and traveling in China.



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